Sunday, September 26, 2010

So I'm in Love.

So I'm in love, just in case you didn't read the title. I truly am, it's weird.
Let me explain.
Last night I flirted with sin; and some things that while I was in Romania, the Lord showed me I was making my idols and then convicted me to give them up and devote myself to Him. But it's hard to drop things cold, and it's likely that you'll mess around with them even after you're determined not to. Thankfully, even though I was looking back, God didn't strike me and turn me into a frickin' salt pillar or something like that like He did to the wife in the story of Sodom and Gomorrah who looked back while they were running away. And thankfully, no damage was done. I should have been in a mess; but I couldn't freak out. I felt...I felt very calm. Strange. Why did I feel calm after what I had just done?
And then I realized. I was calm because I had no interest in doing what I had just done ever again. Ever. Period. Why? Because I have had a chance to experience the perfect love of Christ, and everything else compared to it is such a let down. Nothing else is sweet, or like it. Nothing else will do for me, now. And with this realization came the butterflies fluttering around in my stomach, and the knots in my insides; I wanted to yell and dance and tell somebody (my best friend was asleep and her phone turned off, though, so that was a fail). It was all familiar, I've experienced the butterflies and screaming insides and craziness of being in love before, but never like this. This was like nothing else. Because this was finally something perfect. And my heart wouldn't stop beating at nearly an alarming rate.
I'm totally in love with Jesus. And I really, really like it.


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